Lindesberg and the Snowy Day

Today was great despite a travel mishap (not our fault). 

Also, I’m tired tonight so this may be short on words.

When I woke up, it was to a winter wonderland. The snowfall was the kind you see in story books. I hiked out in it solo for about an hour keeping to the same paths we used yesterday except for one wrong turn that I corrected pretty quickly.

After the magical hike Susan, Nadia, and I took the train to Lindesberg, a cute town about 40 minutes from their house. We were only on the train for 10 minutes or so when they announced we needed to transfer to a bus. This is not a common occurrence. So we got off the train in Kopparburg and then proceeded to wait for 1.5 hours for the promised bus. A bit frustrating even with free hot tea. 

It was okay eventually. We New Yorkered our way onto the bus when it arrived ( by that time another train arrived carrying more people and there was not enough room for all of us…they don’t allow you to just stand on the bus, like in Italy or some other countries). This week is Sportlov holiday. You read right. School is closed for a week so people can ski. Not kidding. Most of the people waiting with us had skis with them. 

We saw several of Susan’s students…of note was baby Muhammad…sweet baby boy with a huge head of Elvis hair. Thank goodness he and his parents also made it on the bus. His dad is Susan’s student.

We finally made it to Lindesberg (pronounced Lin-des-berry) and had a beautiful lunch in Susan and Nicolai’s favorite cafe.

Here we are eating traditional semla, available as part of Lent. 

We visited the library and even saw an art exhibit there, then we did some shopping, we walked down to the river walk, we saw the inside of a church that Susan had never managed to visit before, did more shopping and managed to make it home on the train without incident. 

Once home we ate traditional Swedish cheese pie (ostpaj), cider from Kopparberg and watched Democracy Now where we caught up on the liar and his most recent lies. After that we watched some Flight of the Concord videos to make ourselves feel better.

Plan for tomorrow is more hiking and maybe a ski resort  (no skiing for us) that has swimming and sauna. Sauna. Very Swedish.

Oh and pysanky. By Susan’s request.

Good night. Super tired….


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